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We are always seeking your help and suggestion to run our homes batter. Please contact us 24 hours we are available for your suggestion.

Namrata-Adhikari Director of Happy Home
- Namrata Adhikari

Namrata is a mum of two sons age 9 and 6 years old. Namrata has been running happy home since 2005. She started with 4 children and lived for 3 years together with her family with 12 Children in Kathmandu. Now Namrata looks after all funding and provide all the expenses for both Happy homes of Pokhara and Chitwan.

Tel: 00977 9851195426
Email – contact@nepalhappyhome.org

Sila-KhadkaSila Khadka
- Pokhara Happy Home Incharge

Sila lives in Happy Home Pokhara with 16 Children and her one son age 4 years old. Sila’s husband is in Malesia . Sila is very hard working and friendly with all the children and volunteers. Sila cooks for our children and help to keep net and clean the house and children.

Santosh Bika Santosh Bika
Santosh is 12 years old boy and was resuce from the street and brought to Happy Home. He study in class 7 in Pokhara. Santosh being the older boy at the home he act as a older brother and help to go for shopping.

Bashanti LamaBashanti Lama
- Chitwan Happy Home Incharge

Basanti is a widow mum for 16 children at Happy Home in Chitwan. Her Husband went to Iraq to work and he was killed there. To be a widow women and live in the tradition village Basanti had faced a lot of Social discrimination and was very hard life to be there. Basanti was looking for a safe shelter where she can live with a lot of love and respect with her daughter. Basanti is very lovely women and is happy to be in Happy Home with thirteen children. Basanti is very good cook as most of the volunteers liked her cooking. Basanti take care of the hygiene. Basanti is very good With our volunteer who placed there to assist her. Basanti is very good care giver for our children.

Tirtha Raj Tirtha Raj
Tirtha raj is staying in Happy Home since 2006 .Tirtha raj is from Jumla and after he was send to work for other farmers, he run a way from home and came to happy home. Tirtha is studying in class 5 in Patihani Boarding school and he act as a big brother in Chitwan Happy Home. Tirtha is very good with the outside community and help for shopping and vegetable garden.