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Profile of the Happy Home Children Chitwan

Tenging Ghale
Samichaya is 7 years old girl studing at class 1 from tanahu. Her mom was died when she was 2 month old and no one know who is her father. She came to happy home in 2011. She is the youngest on in our home. She is very responsible and confident personality and does all of her work by heself.

Progress : samichaya is very hapy to be in happy home and time to time she goes to visit her grand mom and other relatives who are near by the happy home. She want to be a nurse in her future.
Chippu Ghale Chippu Ghale Date of Birth: 5th of August 2057
Chippu is from Langtang studing in class 5 and her house is two hours walk from the school. She has got father and mother and they are Ok condition for her study. It was only because she has to walk every day four hours to go and come back from the school. There is another reason why we took Chippu is she is so brilint and talent girl and she was the class top girl in her school in Langtang. So we thought, may be we can give her better opportunity and she can do more and now we are happy to see her progress.

Chiring TamangChiring TamangChiring Tamang (Rupa):
Chiring is a 12 year girl studing at class 6 from Tandi , Chitwan. Her father died in Iraq while he was working there. Chiring has seen her father only in the picture. Without husband to live in the society it was very difficult for her mum. Either go to daily work or take care of the Chiring, it was very difficult for Basanti (Happy home Mother) to decide and survive daily life.

Chiring’s progress:
Chiring came to Happy Home in Sept 2007 with her mum who is a mother for all the children at Happy home. Chiring is very laughing personality and always makes you laugh. Chiring is very happy to have many brother and sister living together. Chiring has scored good mark in her class.

Tenging GhaleTenging GhaleTenging Ghale:

Tenging is an 13 year old boy studing in class 7 from Golgung, in the Langtang Region. He study at class 7.His parents are alive, he also has two siblings. His father is a porter for travelers in the Langtang Region. Due to the lack of tourism, the porters are often out of work, and are unable to provide for their families. They do try to get special jobs caring for tourists; however, these are often short term. His family sent him to us because they are not able to pay for his education or to provide for him.

When we found Tenging, he was living in very poor conditions in an orphanage home in Kathmandu. The orphanage home was closed because the main administrator got remarried and his sponsor was unable to continue his funding. As a result, he had been sent back to his village, where he had even less access to education and a hygienic environment.

Tenging’s Progress:
Tenging came to Kathmandu Happy Home in December 2005. He continues to be a very quite and reserved child. When he first came he was a bit scared of being in a big facilities. After being two years in Happy home of Kathmandu Now,Tenging has became a smart boy in Ganganagar Happy Home in Chitwan. he plays and interacts with the other children, and is a favorite of many of the volunteers.


Mingma GhaleMingma GhaleMingma Ghale:

Mingma is 12 years old girl. Her family lives in Goljung, Rashuwa. She has got two brothers and one sister dad and mum. Her family is from a lower cast, and they are quite poor. Her father is a porter for tourists who come to Langtang.

When we found Mingma, she had been living in very poor conditions in an orphanage home Kathmandu. The orphanage home was closed because the main administrator got remarried and her sponsor was unable to continue their support. As a result, she had been sent back to her village, where she had even less access to education and a hygienic environment.

Mingma’s Progress:
Mingma has now been at Happy Home since November 2005. When she first came, she was a little bit lost – she had never experienced living in a home like Happy Home, with so many resources and facilities. She has overcome her reluctance to speak Nepali, and she now knows quite a lot of English as well! Mingma is a keen student with her academics. She also enjoys running and playing sports with the volunteers and children at Happy Home. Now Mingma is using her knowledge to keep clean the home in Chitwan Happy Home. Mingma also act as a older sister for the joiner children.

Sarita Ghale Sarita Ghale Sarita Ghale :

Sarita is 11 years old girl studing in class 6. She is from one of the lower caste families in Golgung, in Langtang. Her mother works in the village amongst the women’s group as a social health worker. She has 3 siblings, a brother and two sisters. Her mother was unable to provide for all the children, and also knew that the quality of education would be much better in Kathmandu. Her mother hopes that one day, Sarita will go back to her village and work as a nurse.

Sarita’s Progress:

As the smallest child in Happy Home, Sarita continues to charm all the new volunteers. She is an extraordinarily happy child, and has a quick smile that lights up a room. She is extremely talkative, and is the first one to start singing…and once she starts, she will never stop! Since coming in November 2005, Sarita has made the transition from village to city life very well. She is obedient, and has quickly and easily conformed to the rules in Happy Home.

Basanti TamangBasanti Tamang :
Basanti is a widow mum for 13 children at Happy Home in Chitwan. Her Husband went to Iraq to work and he was killed there. To be a widow women and live in the tradition village Basanti had faced a lot of Social discrimination and was very hard life to be there. Basanti was looking for a safe shelter where she can live with a lot of love and respect with her daughter. Basanti is very lovely women and is happy to be in Happy Home with thirteen children. Basanti is very good cook as most of the volunteers liked her cooking. Basanti take care of the hygiene. Basanti is very good  With our volunteer who placed there to assist her. Basanti is very good care giver for our children.