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Profile of the Happy Home Children Pokhara

Santosh Thapa

Santosh Thapa –
Santosh is 16 years old and study in class 10 in Tal Barahi School in Lakeside Pokhara. Santosh is very talent and always comes first position in his class. Santosh was living with his mother in Pokhara and running a small tea shop and was very happy with his mother and step father.Santosh can’t remember how his own father was was and they do not have any pictures as well. In 2005 suddenly his mother became sick and the family spent a lot of money for her. After few months, the step father disappeared suddenly and Santosh and his mother became on the street because there was no one to earn and pay for the tea shop rent and house rent.

The Pokhara Street Children Rehab center took Santosh in to their center for two years and letter on he was join at Happy Home.
Now Santosh is the bigger child of Happy Home and he takes care of all the junior brothers and also help for shopping and taking care of younger siblings. After his school , we are thinking him to provide job in our Organization till he can’t find a good job outside.

Sonam GhaleSonam GhaleSonam Ghale:

Sonam Ghale is 6 years old, and from the Goljung village, in Langtang. His parents are land less people in the areas and have to go to work in the agriculture fields to survive every day. Sonam has got 3 brother and one sister living at home. Having too many children with out any source of income Sonam was not attending School even he was 6 years old.

Sonam’s Progress:
Sonam came to Happy Home in Sept 2007. He is a brilliant child, and has overcome his initial homesickness. He continues to astound volunteers with his capacity for eating! He continues to out-eat every volunteer, regardless of their age or size. He is a very healthy boy, and is very active playing games and interacting with the volunteers. Sonam also continues to do well with his academics, scoring top marks in his class.


Pasang GhalePasang GhalePasang Ghale:

Pasang is from Chilime, in Langtang. His family consists of his parents and four brother and sister. His father is a porter for tourists in the region. His father had tried to start a business independently, but this failed, and the bank has seized all of his land and family’s resources. Because of this, he was unable to care for his children properly, and agreed to send Sonam to Happy Home in a hope that at least.

Shankhar Nepali
Shankhar Nepali
Shankhar is 14 years old and study in class 8 in Tal Barahi school in Lake side. Shankhar was borned in Sharankot and since he knew the world he is with his Grand mum in a small house in Sharangkot. When he was 8 years old Grand mother died and he was left some time in his Aunty’s house , some times uncle’s house … As no one was taking care of him and once he felt that every one really do not want him at their home , he escaped from the village and came to Pokhara city . He was found on the street by the Street Children Rehab center and he started staying there. He joined Happy Home in 2009. Now he is very happy to be there with many younger brothers. He is very talent and knows every work like plumbing, farming, cooking etc.

Nabin Sunwar
Nabin Sunwar – Nabin is 13 years old and study in class 6 in Tal barahi school in Lake side in Pokhara. Nabin’s father went to abroad to earn money but unfortunetly after one year his dath body arrived in Nepal. After two years his mother found a nice husband and escaped with him living Nabin in her sister’s house. Nabin was not happy with the attitude of the other children at this family so he has to chose to be free and came to the City in Pokhar and started slepping on the street. He was found on the street by the Street Children Rehab center and he started staying there. He joined Happy Home in 2009. Now he is very happy to be there with many younger brothers.

Jiwan Thapa
Jiwan Thapa – Jiwan is 13 years old and study in class 7 in Tal Barahi school in Lake side Pokhara. Jiwan dad wad very hard working personality and was doing the Labour work in Pokhara city . He was very skilled full person like Building house , Roods, or Supplying vegetables on Riksha . It was very happy family with two children . There is one says “ Women makes a house and women destroy the house “ Yes, Jiwan’s mum was a bit high ambitious women so one day suddenly she was escaped from house . After few days the family knew that she is now with new husbands who have a lot of money. After this incident the family was so sad and father started drinking alcohol every day . One day in the morning Jiwan’s aunty came to bring them and was crying and said that your father phoned me and told me to look after you two . She also does not know where he went . Since than they been living with their aunty. Because of not getting enough care , Jiwan started going on the street with Street Children and during that time he was found by the Organization called Street Children Rehab center . This organization took his sister as well in Happy Home in 2009. Now Jiwan’s sister is in Chitwan Happy home.

Binod Tamang
Binod Tamang – Binod is 10 years old and study in class 5. Binod’s father was died in 2007 and it was very hard for his mother to keep continue their study without any income. She stay in the village in Lamjung and some time she gets work in the field. Binod’s sister Binita is in Chitwan Happy home .Binod is very talent and is good in his study. He is very cleaver student and always keeps himself net and clean.

Kiran Mahato
Kiran Mahato – Kiran is from a tribes community from Tarai. His father was a fisher family however he used to dig weal in the village and mother used to go for Fishing. In 2007 his mother died with the yellow fever and since than father started drinking alchol and the family went in dis order. As Kiran is very talent and cleaver boy, some of the Social worker from the village called Happy Home and requested to let him stay there. Yes, now we are very happy having him in our home as he is really brilliant child .

Aaush Nepal
Aaush Nepal – 5 years old – Nursary class – Mom death … father got another marridge –

Nishan Sunwar
Nishan Sunwar – 10 years old – Class 3 – Father went abroad .. during that time Mum escaped with another men…

Sonam Ghale
Sonam Ghale – 12 years old class 5 – From Langtang – We brought them to make a teacher and send back to their village

Pashang Ghale
Pashang Ghale – 12 years – class 5 –

Phurphu Tamang
Phurphu Tamang - 11 years old class 5 – Both parents are alive – from Goljung , Langtang – Our Children’s resource Center , Bro