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Nepal Happy Home Newsletters May 2014
Mr.La Cohen and his spouch from Israel who was 27 yr old and 31 yr came to Nepal for their honeymoon trip they met some of our orphan children in pokhara and they where interested to help out our project. Yaelcohen is lawer and his wife is teacher in Israel both of them have donated Rs.20000 nepali rupees for the food supply in pokhara in our pokhara happy home. we would like to tank both of them for this great contribution.

Donation in Pokhara Happy Home

Nepal Happy Home Newsletters May 2014

Donation at Pokhara happy home ...we would like to thanks to Mr. Gaurav Mani Tirpathi and Ms. Jennifer Ellen Nelson, Couple who are leaving nepal on Sunday after their few months stay in pokhara and they have donated all their things from their room to happy home children

Donation in Pokhara Happy Home

Donation in Pokhara Happy Home

Donation in Pokhara Happy Home

Donation in Pokhara Happy Home

Thank you for Donating Mr. Gaurav Mani Tirpathi and Ms. Jennifer Ellen Nelson

Donation in Pokhara Happy Home

Happy Home - Newsletter June & July - 2013

Happy Home - Newsletter June & July - 2013

Dear Friends
There has been a lot of work been done in Chitwan Happy home and Pokhara Happy home in this month.
Donation from Miss UK Nepal 2012 - 2nd Runner Up Mis Nayan Gurung and Best Designer of the Event Mr Anjan Gurung Donation in Happy Home First we would like to share with you very happy news that Our friends from UK ( Sathi Nepal) has done the Charity Event and raised money for Happy Home. Miss Nepal UK 2012 2nd runner up Mis Nayan Gurung and the best designer of this even Mr Anjan Gurung has done a great job in June 16th in UK and raised 4 Lakh 65 Thousand rupees for Happy Home project. On the July 6th Saturday we arranged a small meeting among our members and Anjan’s and Nayan’s parents and relatives.

Donation in Happy Home
In this occasion Mr Anjan and Mis Naya Gurung has hand overed the Cheques to Miss Narmada Adhikari a founder Director of Happy home. Before hand overing this cheque Mr Anjan and Miss Nayan has visited both Happy Home in Chitwan and Pokhara and talked with Children about their needs and interest. Most of the Children in Chitwan happy home request to buy the Computer and Bags for outside travel and Shoes. In Pokhara Happy Home Children requested Shoes and T shirt and Pants .
Donation in Happy Home
The next day of the program, Namrata took Children for Shopping and also ordered the roof of the study room and table and carpet. We would like to give a big thanks to Mr Anjan and Mis Naya Gurung’s parents as well who has supported their children for social work and for this event.

Dry Grass roof in Chitwan Happy Home
Donation in Happy Home
We would like to thanks a lot for all of our friends and Volunteers who have helped us for dry-grass roof in Happy Home. Actually we were suffering from Hits during the day as we have a Tin roof. It was a good idea to buy dry grass and make a roof and put it on the top so the hits will be blocked from this. Now Children and Volunteers are feeling a bit cool from this roof.

Another Tin’s roof in Pokhara Happy Home
Donation in Happy Home
It was very difficult for Children to study during the rain as the rain used to come up inside the study room and all the carpet used to be waiting. Now we have put a roof to block the rain and also we have made a new table and carpet for study room. Now Children are very happy with this new setting.

Computer Donation for Pokhara Happy Home:

Donation in Happy Home
We would like to give a big thanks to Mr Mark who has donated two computers in Pokhara Happy Home. Our Children are very happy learning computer. We have made a routing for all children to learn computer one hour a day and 4 children in a day can learn computer. Each day two hours they can learn computer. Santosh and Shankhar can even contact to past volunteers via Email and write to them about
the progress of their life and study

Donation in Happy Home

Happy Home - Newsletter Dec - 2011

Happy HomeDear all readers,
Very warm welcome to you all for Marry Chrismas and Happy New Year 2011.We are very happy to tell you we all are very well and happy. We have got some great news to share with you.

Happy HomeRecently, some of our Children from Happy Home Pokhara were rewarded from School principal for their Sports. Shiva Hari Bhatta was in the 1st position among his 20 friends for the Spoon and Egg running.Shiva likes sports and he is very good runner. Phurphu became also in the 2nd position in his class's sport. Ramesh owned the games and became 2nd position in his class. All of our children were rewarded in the school at their Parent's Day. Kritika and Swastika were Dancing on this award function. Kritika is very good dancer and perform her skills infront of 500 people on that day. We are very proud of her.

Donation for Happy Home -

Happy HomeBlankets Danation - One of our very good friend from Holland donated some blankets for Happy Home Pokhara Children. Our children are very happy having a new blankets. We would like to Thanks Henk and Kath for this support.

Happy HomeWashing mechines and Freez donation - Our very good Volunteer Alice from Uk has fund rised and bought aWashing mechenes for Hpapy Home Children in Pokhara. We would like to give a big thanks to Alice for her contrubution. We wish her all the succsess for her liife and we always Happy Homewelcome her to stay in Happy Home Pokhara.

TV and Video games Donation - Our past volunteers Anne and Jonathan are now fundrising to buy a TV and a DVD for our Children in Pokhara Hpapy Home. Jonathan is taking part in a Marathon in Swezerland and fund rasing . We wish all the best for Jonathan.

Volunteer's says about Happy Homes -

Here are some of our Volunteer's says about Happy Homes and children.

Happy Home

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Experiencing Nepal - November 2010

I was browsing through the internet researching companies that you can volunteer with and one of the first I came across was VPO.
I knew that I wanted to go to Nepal and after reading about the charity, company and how the charity was 100% non-profitable I decided I would choose VPO, as this was the main thing that attracted me. Also the cost for the programmes, was very reasonable.
So I booked my 2 week placement.

I wanted to raise some money before my trip as I wanted to take something out with me or even buy something useful whilst I was there.
I planned a charity fundraiser which I held in October which was very successful, a lot of fun and I managed to raise £800 in total. I was extremely pleased with this as I knew this money would go a long way in Nepal.

I arrived in Kathmandu on 20th November and was met at the airport by Saroj and Ramesh, staff members of VPO, who welcomed me to Nepal and made me feel very comfortable as it can be very intimidating travelling alone into a country that you have not visited before.
We drove about 30 minutes through Kathmandu to Asim’s family home where I would be spending my first 3 nights in Nepal.
The first thing that caught my attention in Nepal was the traffic I have never seen anything like it. There was no organised system, everyone and everything just fought for space. Journeys that should only take 10 minutes can sometimes take up to 40 minutes. Crazy!

Asim introduced me to his family and a traditional Nepali dinner was prepared for us all. My first impression of Nepali food was a good one.

The first couple of days in Kathmandu consisted of sightseeing, Ramesh being my tour guide, and language lessons taught by Saroj. Both I really enjoyed and comparing the local people, religion and food to my own was very interesting. It is actually amazing to see how others live their daily lives.

On the morning of my fourth day I had to leave Kathmandu at 6am to catch a bus to Chitwan. The journey was going to take 6 hours so I made sure I had a comfy seat next to the window. I hadn’t realised how green Nepal was. We made a pit stop after about 3 hours, there was a little restaurant selling traditional food, along with wooden huts outside where the locals where selling fruit and snacks.
After about half an hour we were back on the bus for the next half of the journey.
It didn’t seem to take that long to reach Chitwan and when we did it was hot! Much warmer than Kathmandu.
There was a massive difference between Kathmandu and Chitwan, Chitwan was very green, thatched houses surrounded by farmland. It seemed very peaceful.
I was met at the bus stop by a friend of Asim’s who worked in one of the local hostels where I would be staying, Jungle World Adventure. It was a short journey from the bus stop to the accommodation and I was quite relieved when we arrived. It looked so pretty, instead of the rooms being in the same building, we had little thatched huts with a little terrace, table and chairs.
I spent 2 nights in Chitwan for my Jungle experience, elephant trekking, jungle walk, canoeing and bird watching.
It was nice to be out of the city before heading to Pokhara where I would be spending the rest of my time at the Happy Home.

I had another 6 hour journey in front of me from Chitwan to Pokhara, this one was less comfy as I only managed to get half a seat! I couldn’t wait to get to Pokhara and meet the children, my excitement made me less concerned about only having half a seat.
Finally after the intense 6 hours on the bus we reached Pokhara where I was met by Sila, the lady who ran the Happy Home.
We jumped in a taxi which took us 5 minutes up the road to the Happy Home.
On my arrival there where a few other volunteers in the kitchen / dining room chatting, all the children where still at school.
I was introduced to everyone and they all were so welcoming and we exchanged questions and answers about our trips, I was still excited about meeting all the children.
Sila cooked me lunch after my long journey and showed me to my room.
After about an hour of arriving at the Happy Home the children arrived home from school, their ages ranged from 3 to 16 and I was looking forward to spending the next week with them all.

I was informed by Sila and the other 2 volunteers who would also be staying at the Happy Home that my week would consist of helping Sila with the day to day running of the house, cooking, washing the children’s clothes, visiting the garden where they grew their vegetables, entertaining and helping the children with their homework.

I spent the first afternoon helping the children with their homework which was a good chance for me to meet them all and get to know them and also for them to get to know me.
They were all so happy and friendly.

We all helped Sila that evening to prepare the dinner for us all, 17 in total. The Dal Bhat was good and as you can imagine after preparing food for 17 people there was a lot of washing up to be done. It was good to see that after every meal the children thanked Sila and washed up their own plates.

Half way through the week Namrata, (Asim’s wife) came to visit and we went shopping with the money that I had raised back in October. I had noticed that the Happy Home was without a washing machine, so our task for the day was to find a reasonably priced washing machine for Sila, which would mean she would no longer have to wash all the children’s clothes with soap by hand which was a very time consuming job.

I was so happy when we returned to the Happy Home after a day of shopping in the local town with a washing machine and fridge.
They had both been delivered by van before we had even got back from our shopping trip. There was a local plumber there who was looking for somewhere to fit the washing machine and the fridge was unwrapped by us and placed in the kitchen.
The washing machine was going to have to go in one of the bathrooms downstairs for water supply purposes.
They were both in place when the children came home from school and they were all so excited and surprised as they didn’t know anything about it. Some of the children had never seen a washing machine before so were a bit confused about what it was and how it was used. Sila also was a bit confused about how it worked.

It only took 10 minutes to show Sila how to use it, I think she was slightly overwhelmed as it now meant her hard work would be dramatically reduced. I have also never seen anyone so thankful before. I was so pleased that I had managed to provide this for them, it made me very happy.

A few days later it was time for me to leave, I did however try to extend my flight to leave a week later but this was not possible so I had to fly home.
It was an emotional goodbye but an experience I will completely treasure forever and something that I would absolutely recommend to anyone.

I will be returning at the same time in 2011 with a friend as she also wants the experience and be a part of something so inspiring.

Alice Cornish
Surrey, UK